What Are Some U.K. Import Regulations?


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People who travel to the United Kingdom from a European Union country may bring an unlimited number of most goods into the country free of customs charges as long as the items are for personal use, states Gov.uk. People traveling from outside the European Union may only import a limited number of items.

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For example, people who are over 17 and traveling from outside the European Union may only import 40 cigarettes if traveling by land or up to 300 euros worth of personal items without paying taxes or duty, states VisaHQ. The law also prohibits the importation of any protected species and meat or milk items from countries outside of the European Union.

Any products imported into the United Kingdom that are not for personal use must conform to European standards and contain CE markings, according to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. This includes toys, medical apparatus, sports and recreational personal protection equipment, tractors, and electrical and electronic equipment.

Import regulations in the United Kingdom require a person to report to customs any items over the duty-free allowance or that the individual intends to sell, states Gov.uk. Customs may require that person to pay tax or duty on any items, relinquish banned items, or produce documents for restricted items.

The total amount of import duty and taxes for private and commercial entities are calculated based on the price of shipping, including the costs of freight and insurance and the price of the imported items, reports BorderLinx.

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