What Is Typically Included on a Divorce Decree?

A divorce decree typically includes information regarding the division of the property, alimony and child support, notes Legal Match. It outlines child custody and visitation rights and discusses the financial obligations of each party, such as paying outstanding debt.

The decree also contains information regarding the names of each party, the date the decree is effective and a case number, Legal Match notes. The record of the divorce decree is generally kept on file at the local county records office.

The divorce decree contains the final ruling and judgment of a divorce, and this document certifies the official termination of the marriage. Each decree is different, but generally the purpose of the document is to summarize the duties and rights of each party as part of the dissolution of the marriage. The issuing of the divorce decree certifies that the divorce is complete, explains Legal Match.

Usually, divorce decrees are final, but there may be some instances when the decree can undergo modification, usually in instances of child support or visitation issues, advises Legal Match. It's possible to appeal a divorce decree, but this is generally limited to errors based on the court's ruling. A party to the divorce must specifically request an appeal and follow strict filing deadlines.