What Are Typical Voter Turnout Percentages?


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As of 2015, the turnout of eligible voters in presidential elections held since 2000 is around 60 percent. In 2000, 54 percent of the population eligible to vote actually voted. That figure increased to 60 percent in 2004 and 62 percent in 2008. It declined to 58 percent in 2012.

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What Are Typical Voter Turnout Percentages?
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The average voter turnout in Federal elections that occur during the years between presidential elections are even lower, averaging around the 40 percent mark since the early 1970s. The midterm voter turnout dropped even lower in 2014 when the lowest percentage of voters for a federal election in 72 years actually showed up to vote. The nationwide turnout was only slightly higher than 36 percent, with some states, including New York, experiencing turnout percentages in the 20s.

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