What Are Some Typical Penalties for a Second-Offense DUI?


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Typical punishments for a second DUI offense include fines, probation and jail time, according to Find Law. Each state has different form of punishments for second DUI offenses. A judge may also order community service may for a second DUI offense.

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Most states impose minimum penalties for first-time DUI offenders then increase the penalties for each offense that occurs thereafter, explains Find Law. The severity of the penalties varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest. Some of these instances include whether or not the offender has a history of DUI violations, the offender was operating the vehicle with a child with him, or the offense occurred at the same time as another dangerous violation.

A driver who has committed his second DUI may also find the court imposes the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device on his vehicle. This is a breath-testing device that measures the driver's BAC. If the BAC is over a certain level, the interlock device prevents the operation of the motor vehicle. Most states require the offender to bear the cost of installation, rental and maintenance, notes Find Law. Rental fees may be as high as $3 per day, depending on the state in which the offender resides.

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