What Is the Typical Content of an EPA Pamphlet?


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The typical contents of an EPA pamphlet feature information about lead found in the environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency publishes a number of pamphlets for these issues. An EPA pamphlet also goes into detail about how to protect your family from lead poisoning in your home.

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Many homes built before 1978 could have walls and ceilings that were painted with lead-based paint. The paint, paint chips and dust can all have a serious effects on your health. An EPA pamphlet describes how lead gets into the body, the health effects of lead, how you can protect your family and where to go for more information. It also describes a realtor's role in informing and disclosing any knowledge they have about the lead in a house to a potential buyer or renter.

Also included is the importance of testing for lead before there are any home repairs made because of the potential lead that would be present in the dust. There are also suggested actions of what someone should do if they suspect that there is lead in their home.

Lead is especially dangerous for children that are under six years of age. When a child is under six their brain and nervous system is more sensitive to the damaging effects of lead, and as they grow their bodies absorb more lead.

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