What Types of Services Does the Veteran's Hospital in Loma Linda Offer?

What Types of Services Does the Veteran's Hospital in Loma Linda Offer?

The veteran's hospital in Loma Linda offers drug treatment services, social work assistance, pharmaceutical services and behavioral health treatment. This Veteran's Administration health facility also includes a cancer treatment center.

The Loma Linda Healthcare System assists veterans with alcohol or drug addictions through day treatment programs or inpatient hospitalization. The program also helps the families of these veterans with group counseling sessions.

Veterans receive social work assistance at the Loma Linda facility through case management and community based programs. The center provides assistance with housing placement, financial resources and home health services. Facility staff members also counsel veterans about socialization and basic job skills.

Behavioral health treatment is available at the Loma Linda veteran's hospital. Patients receive screenings for a variety of mental health disabilities, including depression, post traumatic stress disorder and emotional problems. Once diagnosed, the center provides ongoing counseling and treatment in a confidential environment.

The hospital's cancer center assists patients through every step of the cancer treatment process, from diagnosis through post-surgery rehabilitation. Staff members provide nutrition assistance and pastoral services for patients in treatment. Terminally ill patients receive comprehensive hospice care.

The Loma Linda Healthcare System also includes a pharmacy to provide veterans with prescribed medications as needed. Veterans can choose to have medications mailed to their homes upon request.