What Are the Types of Rosters on the Marion County Inmate List?

The Marion County inmate list contains a roster of all inmates currently incarcerated, an abbreviated inmate roster, daily jail bookings, a roster of all those currently serving in the work center, and a roster of all those inmates currently on parole or probation. Each roster contains information such as names, offenses and dates of booking.

The full inmate roster comes in two versions, one with and one without photos. Both rosters include the names of the inmates, the dates they were incarcerated, the charges being filed against them and whether they can pay bail. The roster with photos also lists details such as eye color, height and weight. The abbreviated inmate roster includes only the name of the offender, the assigned prison identification number and the date the inmate was imprisoned.

The daily jail bookings roster is divided by day, Monday through Sunday. Each day contains a list of all prisoners incarcerated on that day. The roster of those serving in the work center comes in two varieties, one with photos and one without photos. Both rosters contain the names of the offenders, the dates they were incarcerated and the charges against them.

The probation and parole roster is a list of all inmates not currently incarcerated due to probation or parole. This list includes the dates the inmates were jailed as well as the dates they were released.