What Types of Programs Are Offered by DHS MI Bridges?

Programs offered by the Department of Human Services through Michigan's MI Bridges include health care coverage, food assistance, cash assistance, child care and emergency services. Those interested in these services can apply through the official MI Bridges website.

The MI Bridges program provides health care coverage for low-income individuals and families that meet eligibility requirements for medical assistance and Medicaid. Recipients get an MIHealth card that they show to the medical provider at the time of treatment. In certain circumstances, medical coverage can be backdated from the date of application by up to three months to help people with past medical costs.

Food assistance programs MI Bridges offers provide recipients with a Michigan Bridge card that allows them to purchase certain food products and access cash benefits via ATM machines. Eligibility for this temporary assistance program depends on assets, income, residency and expenses. Cash assistance is also available to pregnant women and low-income families with minor children who meet the requirements.

Child care assistance is available to individuals and families who need someone to watch their minor children while they work, attend class or participate in approved activities. Residents of Michigan can also apply for emergency services if facing a situation that threatens health or safety or in times of extreme hardship. This program also helps those who need assistance with burial or cremation costs.