What Types of Programs Do Juvenile Detention Centers Offer?


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Some of the programs offered at juvenile detention centers include treatment, education, therapy and counseling interventions, according to the Indiana Division of Youth Services. Other programs may teach pro-social skills, coping techniques and motivational strength training.

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Juvenile detention center programming deals with behavioral problems, including violence and emotional issues. Behavioral programs focus on making youth aware of their thoughts and actions, explains the Indiana Division of Youth Services. The programs teach solution-focused approaches and how to plan for and achieve positive goals. Youths learn practical life skills and receive support for re-entering their communities once rehabilitated.

Juvenile detention centers assist youth with key life skills such as grooming, communication, relationship management and financial planning. These programs motivate juvenile offenders to acknowledge and discuss alcohol and drug abuse and how to overcome it, notes the Indiana Division of Youth Services. Conflict resolution methods are also part of the programs conducted.

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