What Are Some Types of Positions in the Federal Government Field?

Jobs within the federal government fall under several government agencies such as the branches of the military, NASA, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and the State Department. The federal government employs people in almost every career field, both domestically and abroad.

The federal government is the largest employer in the United States, consisting of over 2 million civilian positions. Positions within the federal government vary widely and include career fields from transportation to engineering, accounting to psychology, in both civilian and military capacities. Military work may be under the umbrella of the Navy, Army or Air Force.

For example, accounting and budget positions include auditors, Internal Revenue agents, financial assistants and tax examiners. Some legal and kindred jobs are clerks of court, attorneys, administrative law judges and passport and visa examiners. Jobs in transportation include railroad safety managers, air traffic controllers and dispatchers. There are education positions such as public health educators, school administrators and public school teachers.

Miscellaneous positions include chaplains, nuclear material couriers, corrections officers, park rangers and fingerprint technicians. There are job titles within categories such as biological sciences and medical, hospital and dental. Human resources, information technology, defense, investigation and social sciences are further examples of federal job classifications.