What Types of Lawyers Help With Website Lawsuits?


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A criminal defense attorney can help someone in regards to a website lawsuit if it relates to a cyber or computer crime, says The Cochran Firm. This type of crime can be anything from hacking and viruses to different forms of fraud.

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What Types of Lawyers Help With Website Lawsuits?
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Many different types of crimes can occur with a website or other Internet applications, such as identity theft, denial of service attacks and theft of persona, private and confidential information, notes The Cochran Firm. A criminal defense attorney handles these types of cases, along with credit card fraud and Internet fraud, as well as violation of pornography laws. The reason criminal lawyers handle these cases is because they can have serious consequences for the victim.

Some potential sentences or consequences or someone found guilty of a computer crime include paying fines, having restrictions with computer or Internet usage, and possibly jail time, depending on the crime, says The Cochran Firm.

If the website lawsuit is due to someone using something of yours, such as a logo, tagline or copyrighted image, it requires help from an intellectual property lawyer, says Brown University. Intellectual property law deals with tangible and intangible property of someone that can't be used without her permission. Slogans, visual identity and trademarks are all intellectual property.

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