What Types of Lawsuits Are Commonly Filed Against Schools?


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Lawsuits addressing the failure to educate, oversized classrooms and ignoring medical evidence regarding a specific child's educational needs are a few common reasons that lawsuits are filed against schools, according to Lawyers.com. Federal law requires that children receive free and appropriate education.

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The Florida Board of Education has been sued by parents and students claiming that Florida schools deny many young people the right to an education, states Lawyers.com. The lawsuit claimed racial differences in education and that too many students have failed important tests, resulting in students dropping out. The Education Commissioner of the state was also sued.

New York City's Department of Education has been sued by the teacher's union and other groups for classroom sizes growing too large, notes Lawyers.com. The state awarded New York City $1.5 billion dollars in 2006 after a court ruling that decided New York City students were not receiving a sound, basic education. Half of that money was for reducing class sizes. There have been allegations that class sizes have increased since the award.

Disabled students are required, by law, to receive the same education as non-disabled classmates, explains Lawyers.com. A complaint filed under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 against Livonia Middle School of Pennsylvania resulted in a student with diabetes being allowed to take daily gym classes to recover from a post-breakfast sugar high. Prior to this lawsuit, gym classes had been cut back to twice weekly.

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