What Types of Information Are Included in an Auto Accident Report?

Some of the information contained in auto accident reports includes the names of drivers involved in the incident, their insurance details and names of witnesses, explains DMV.org. Additional information may include accounts of how the accident happened and a description of injuries suffered.

Other details in an auto accident report include a record of the number of passengers in the vehicles involved and descriptions of vehicle damage, DMV.org reports. While they may not be included in an accident report, photos, written notes and audio recordings taken at the scene can help clarify important details later.

Law enforcement officials use information gathered at an accident scene to generate reports that are then submitted to police departments, explains DMV.org. Copies of these reports are typically available a day or two after submission. Officials may also issue tickets at the accident scene if traffic rules were violated, but they are not required to go to accident scenes when no one is injured if conditions are inclement or the value of damage is below a certain threshold. In such circumstances, the affected parties can file accident reports at a police station, the Department of Motor Vehicles or online.

Auto accident reports are necessary in several situations, DMV.org advises. Insurance companies require these records during claims processing, and the reports are also necessary in cases where accidents result in lawsuits.