What Types of Information Are in Idaho Public Records?


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Idaho public records contain information gathered and controlled by the state and local government agencies, including information on court cases, births and deaths, sex-offender status and concealed-weapon permits. The Idaho Public Records Act requires state agencies to make public records available for access by the public upon request.

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Under Idaho law, any document, digital record or recording of any type containing information relevant to the administration of the public's business that was created or collected by a state or local agency can be requested by any person or entity, as long as the information is not exempt from disclosure. The Idaho Public Records Act was first enacted in 1990 and is designed to foster open public access to government records and government transparency.

Consequently, a wide variety of information is available in Idaho public records that can be derived from any government agency, from the Idaho secretary of state's office to the local alcohol-control board. Some of the information that is exempt from access by the public includes juvenile criminal records, law-enforcement records concerning investigations, prisoner records, court records designated as confidential, income-tax information, hospital and medical records, voter-registration cards and certain of the personal information of current and former state-government employees.

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