What Types of Government Assistance Does FEMA Offer?

What Types of Government Assistance Does FEMA Offer?

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, typically offers assistance for temporary housing, lodging expenses reimbursement and home repair or possibly replacement resulting from a federally declared disaster. The available assistance varies by the type of disaster and may include non-housing assistance also.

During a federally declared disaster, FEMA has resources to address the housing needs of the individuals impacted by the disaster. Financial assistance may be available to rent a different place to live or even have a government housing unit provided for those whose domicile was severely damaged during the disaster.

When rental units or government provided housing units are not available, FEMA may also reimburse lodging expenses for short periods of time for those displaced by the disaster. Financial assistance to repair or replace a home damaged in a disaster is also available when an individual does not have sufficient insurance coverage for repair or replacement of their home.

FEMA also provides assistance for needs other than housing. FEMA resources are available for disaster-related childcare expenses, medical and dental expenses, funeral and burial expenses, fuels for the primary heat source and to replace damaged essential household items, among other things.

In the event FEMA does not have the resources for a particular disaster-related circumstance, FEMA maintains a referral network to which an individual may be directed for further assistance.