What Types of Funds Are Available for Disabled People?


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People who have a mental or physical disability that prevents them from being fully employed may be able to receive a monthly Social Security payment. Military veterans may also be able to get a monthly stipend from Veterans Affairs if they can demonstrate that their disability is tied to their military service.

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Social Security is available to any adult who is disabled such that it impacts their ability to work, regardless of their age. It requires extensive medical documentation and demonstration of the disability in question, however, and can be a slow process to initiate. Once on Social Security, recipients receive a monthly payment that is indefinite but can be reduced if they work or have income from other sources.

Military veterans who have a disability that is considered to be "service-connected" may also qualify for monthly payments. These payments vary depending on the severity of the disability, and this can also affect the extent of the free health care that the VA provides. Severely disabled veterans may also qualify for additional grants and assistance to help them with everyday living tasks. As with Social Security, the disability must be medically documented and demonstrated, and the application process can take considerable time.

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