What Types of Employment Are Available at Vinnell Corp?

What Types of Employment Are Available at Vinnell Corp?

The Vinnell Corporation, a private military company, offers employment in weapons systems maintenance, military training, logistics and management consultancy. Careers in aviation training and support, health care training, institutional training and management are also available. Most jobs with the company require prior military experience.

Many positions within aviation training relate to staff instruction, including logistics, standardization and operations. Staff instructors are responsible for helping in the planning, coordinating and supervising of all command operations and directly supporting the Office of Program Management team in aviation to meet the Ministry of the National Guards operational requirements.

A manager within the health care branch of Vinnell oversees the planning and delivery of a comprehensive program to accomplish the training and support objectives for the Allied Health Sciences Military School. He also supports the deliverance of combat health support doctrine and military medical training publications.

Instructors are involved with the planning, coordinating, developing and evaluating of curriculum for the Ministry of National Guard’s (MNG) Command and General Staff College. The position requires candidates with master's degrees and military training and experience.

The majority of employment opportunities with the Vinnell Corporation are in Saudi Arabia. To work there as an expatriate, a person must have a work visa issued by the Saudi Arabian government and be no more than 60 years of age. The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia grants only men this type of visa.