What Are Some of the Types of Clothing Worn by U.S. Navy Personnel?


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The full dress white uniform, the physical training uniform and the service uniform are three types of clothing that U.S. Navy personnel wear. All three feature necessary components that servicemen have to wear and optional components that servicemen may wear if they want to.

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The full dress white uniform is strictly for ceremonial purposes, such as a change of command ceremony, official visits with honors, visits of foreign officials and occasions of state. Some of the necessary parts of the uniform are a white hat, white trousers, a white jumper, black shoes and a silver buckle. The Navy allows servicemen five optional additions: white gloves, overshoes, a scarf, a black umbrella and an all-weather coat.

Designed for unit physical training activities, the physical training uniform consists of a gold shirt, blue shorts, athletic shoes and socks. When performing training on base, servicemen must tuck the shirt in their shorts and must wear the shorts at waist level. The Navy allows servicemen to wear it off base, unless stated otherwise. Likewise, servicemen may wear the components individually.

Intended for year-round use for office work, the service uniform consists of a khaki shirt, black trousers, a silver buckle, black dress shoes and various other items. Some of the optional additions are non-leather black gloves, an all-weather coat and an identification tag.

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