What Are Some Types of Child Visitation Arrangements?


Visitation arrangements for children and a noncustodial parent may include unsupervised or supervised visitation, according to Lawyers.com. States also have grandparent visitation laws allowing a grandparent to seek visitation when the parents divorce.

In most instances, a noncustodial parent has unsupervised visitation, reports Lawyers.com. However, the courts may limit the visitation rights of a parent with a history of violence or the abuse of alcohol or drugs. In these limited visitation sessions, the court requires the presence of an adult other than the custodial parent. The court appoints some supervisors but may grant the option of the parents choosing a supervisor it approves.

Most states require divorcing parents present a parenting agreement to the court. This agreement includes visitation arrangements. It specifies where the child lives and includes an agreement regarding visitation. The parenting agreement specifies the child's holiday and school vacation schedule. If a child splits her vacations between parents, the agreement specifies the arrangement, indicates Lawyers.com.

While all states have laws regarding grandparent visitation, these laws vary by state, according to Lawyers.com. Most courts limit the grandparent visitation upon a parent's request. In order for the court to grant child visitation, the court must determine it is in the best interest of the child and the parents must divorce.