What Types of Cases Are Heard at the County Courthouse in Joliet?


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Courts at the Will County Court House in Joliet, Illinois hear civil, small claims, criminal, traffic and family cases, according to the Circuit Court Clerk. Courts also perform marriage and civil union ceremonies at the courthouse. Litigants and the general public may use the clerk's website to find information about pending cases.

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Civil courts try cases between private parties for money damages or equitable relief, such as foreclosure, explains the Circuit Court Clerk. Small claims courts handle certain civil claims involving less than $10,000, and parties in small claims court do not need attorneys. The Criminal Division oversees cases in which the defendant is subject to imprisonment. The Traffic Violation Bureau presides over disputes involving moving violations but not those related to parking tickets. Family courts hear matters relating to divorce, custody and protection orders.

The Will County Court House is home to the 12th Judicial Circuit Court, indicates the court's website. As of 2015, 16 elected Circuit Judges and 17 appointed Associate Judges preside over the courts. More than 164,000 cases were filed in the circuit in 2012, most of which were traffic and small claims cases. The courthouse hosts a law library that is open to the public.

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