What Types of Benefits Does Social Security Offer People With Disabilities?


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Types of social security benefits that people with a disability can receive include cash, medical insurance, food and clothing assistance. Social security services are provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Social security often benefits individuals and their families, notes Social Security.

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The Social Security Disability Insurance protects workers from losing a stable source of income in the event they suffer injury during work. This program provides benefits in the form of monthly cash payments to individuals that have not yet attained the age of 65.

The Supplemental Security Income program provides benefits in the form of monthly cash payments. The cash benefits can only be reimbursed to those people who meet the eligibility criteria. The aim of this program is to minimize dependence and promote quality of life.

Medicare is a federal government program aimed at ensuring medical care to people with a disability. The program caters to hospital and treatment services.

Medicaid is a program that extends benefits by paying treatment costs on behalf of the disabled. Apart from the disabled, Medicaid also targets low income earners, notes the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Worker's Compensation provides benefits in the form of cash payment to those workers who are hurt while at work. This program may also compensate the family of the individual affected by disability or death.

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