What Are the Types of Apartments That Accept Section 8?


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The two types of apartments that accept Section 8 as of 2014 are project-based apartments and qualifying private-sector rentals. To qualify for the Section 8 program, apartments and rental properties must meet the housing quality standards set in the area and charge a rent that is reasonable compared to similar units in the market.

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As of 2014, the Section 8 program includes a voucher that can be used for a public housing agency-specified apartment complex or a privately owned rental that qualifies for the program. In the case of an apartment complex project, the public housing agency is allowed to reserve up to 20 percent of vouchers to cover the complex. Individuals and families participating under Section 8 housing pay an average of 30 percent of their adjusted income in rent.

For private rentals that accept Section 8 vouchers, the landlord charges a percentage of the rent to the tenant. The voucher then makes up the rest of the cost up to a rent cap determined by the Department of Housing and Development. The cap is determined by averaging the gross rents of an apartment of medium quality in the same area. Private landlords are not required to accept Section 8 program vouchers.

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