What Type of Information Is Usually on a Building Directory?


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Building directories usually list the names of companies within the premises, the floors on which they are located, and the suite number of each business. In the case of a practice type business, such as law or medicine, directories may also list the name of each partner.

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Navigational directories in office buildings show in which direction to proceed to find the offices listed on the main building directory. They also list how to locate restrooms, telephones, cafeterias, parking kiosks and other needed services within a business or office building. Navigational directories are most often located on a wall across from elevators and staircases.

Exterior building directories list information that is helpful to visitors, vendors and contractors, sharing directions to outside areas including main entrances, reception, parking garages or lots, shipping and receiving, or security check-in areas.

Although building directories list as much information as possible, some occupants choose not to have extensive information listed for security purposes. Many directories list only a company or practice name but not individual employees, executives or partners. Building directories also aid in security measures in some locations by listing contact codes for each office. Visitors use a lobby telephone to dial the code of a destination and speak to a receptionist before being able to navigate through a secure building.

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