What Type of Information Is on an Immigration Medical Exam Form?


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The information on immigration medical exam Forms I-693 includes the results of the medical examinations that approved civil surgeons must conduct before applicants can immigrate to the United States, reports U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services. Forms I-693 include evidence that applicants do not have listed inadmissible diseases, drug problems or mental illnesses, explains Nolo. They also ensure that applicants have all required vaccinations.

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During immigration medical exams and completion of Forms I-693, doctors go over applicants' medical histories, including periods of hospitalization for physical or mental ailments, according to Nolo. They inquire about alcohol and drug use, harmful behavior, and undocumented mental conditions. They review medical, school, employment, military and police records. During physical examinations, doctors look for symptoms of physical disorders, and during mental examinations, they assess mood, behavior and intelligence. If necessary, doctors take chest X-rays, blood samples or conduct any other tests to look for signs of inadmissible diseases.

Upon completion of immigration examinations, doctors fill in Forms I-693, enclose them in sealed envelopes, and give them to applicants to present to consular officers at their interviews, explains Nolo. If the applicants open their envelopes, the test results are invalid. Examination results on Forms I-693 are valid for up to one year after the doctors complete the examinations, points out USCIS.

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