What type of government does North Korea have?


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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, known more commonly as North Korea, is a communist state and a dictatorship. Chief of State Kim Jong-un and Premier Pak Pong-ju oversee federal government matters from the nation's capital, Pyongyang. While Pak Pong-ju is head of the nation's government, Kim Jong-un leads the National Defense Commission of North Korea.

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What type of government does North Korea have?
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Despite titles such as premier, North Korea's behind-the-scenes ruling is a mystery to the rest of the world. Kim Jong-un hails from the Kim Dynasty, which started three generations ago in 1948 with the first Democratic People's Republic of Korea's head of state, Kim Il-sung. Kim Jong-un, who stepped into his leadership role in December of 2011 following the death of his father, Kim Jong-il, is the face of North Korea to many people around the world.

While Kim Jong-un and the NDC manage internal and external security for the nation, Pak Pong-ju heads North Korea's cabinet, which implements national policy. The third arm of North Korea's government is the Politburo of the Central People’s Committee, which serves as the country's policy-making institution. Every resident of North Korea, including its top leaders, is a member of the communist Korean Workers' Party. North Korea is divided into nine provinces and two additional municipalities -- Nasun and Pyongyang.

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