What Type of Formula Is Available With Oklahoma WIC Supply Vouchers?


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The WIC program in Oklahoma has a variety of nutritious foods and formulas on its approved list, but it doesn't provide information about specific brands publicly. To obtain more information about types of formula offered, contact the agency at 1-888-655-2942. Oklahoma WIC has upgraded its food selections to provide better nutrition for families. Foods have lower fat content and more fiber. In addition, the variety of foods has increased.

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In addition to formula, WIC recommends quality staples, such as cereals, milk, eggs, beans, fruits, peanut butter, vegetables and whole grain foods. The goal is to encourage families to eat healthier. Each state is given the freedom to include foods that serve a diverse population. Families may choose items like tortillas. Some soy-based products are also included. In the state of Oklahoma, the list of foods is created with the tastes of the local community in mind.

WIC is responsible for designing a list of food choices that provides high levels of nutrition and meet the needs of pregnant women and young children up the age of 5. Foods are selected by a committee of health and nutritional experts. The committee's recommendations follow American guidelines while also taking into account the special health needs of at-risk children.

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