What Is TVC Matrix?

TVC Matrix refers to the multilevel marketing business opportunity for people who sell Motor Club of America insurance plans. Plans cover accidents, arrests, attorney's fees and even bail bonds for personal and commercial drivers in the United States and Canada.

TVC Matrix members receive commissions for every plan sold. Motor Club of America pays members up to $80 for repeat clients. An associate who buys a plan and then signs up to sell plans earns an initial payout and then a monthly commission after the newer associate stays with the program for 10 months. Motor Club of America sends associates marketing tools, training guides and information needed to start a business once someone signs up. The company requires a W-9 form, a bank account for direct deposit and an associate agreement letter, as of 2015.

For example, the Pro-Driver Green Plus plan from Motor Club of America covers commercial drivers in the United States and Canada. Benefits include a $200 cash bond for a moving violation when a driver faces jail time and attorney representation for serious violations. Plans extend roadside service to the driver's personal vehicles used by family members. Other benefits include car rental discounts and emergency towing service. Plans range in price from $9.95 to $48.85 per month.