What Does the TSA Do With Confiscated Items?


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Confiscated or prohibited items that are left at TSA airport security checkpoints are either donated to organizations that need them or safely disposed of, states TSA. Once abandoned, the item is owned by the state where it was left, and is distributed to a donation warehouse or to a landfill.

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Confiscated items go to many different locations. If weapons or mace are confiscated, they may be used in training new local police officers. If it's scissors that were taken, it's likely that they go to a local school. Items such as shampoos, lotions, and water have to be thrown out as it's a liability and health hazard. The items that can be donated go to a warehouse where they are sorted and sent out to where they are needed most, states TSA.

TSA is prohibited from making a profit on anything passengers leave behind, states USA Today. They can't sell any of the items fit for reuse and are required to hand them over to the state for distribution. All other items are thrown away.

While the TSA is unable to benefit from confiscated items, the state has no such restriction, according to Mental Floss. The state of Pennsylvania reported that it made around $800,000 between 2004 and 2012 on confiscated property.

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