What Transportation Services Are Available for Veterans?

Veterans can receive transportation to and from doctors' appointments at United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care facilities as well as authorized non-VA appointments. These rides are provided by the VA along with the programs for travel-cost reimbursement and special programs for highly rural areas.

The Beneficiary Travel program is a program for which veterans need to be eligible. If they are found to be eligible than all travel cost to and from a VA medical facility when using transportation other than pre-arranged VA transportation. This program also has an inclusion for special mode transport for people with special needs. Veterans may be eligible to use buses or taxis, depending on the conditions of travel.

Highly Rural Transport Grants are awarded to rural areas where there are less than seven people per square mile. The grants are given to transport companies who will then assist veterans to get to and from their appointments. If the area is still very rural, but has more than the seven people per square mile, veterans still have assistance options.

Along with the government provided travel options, veterans can use programs like DAV, which are privately run businesses. The company specializes in transporting veterans to their appointments and have donated vehicles to VA medical facilities to help with getting veterans to their appointments also.