What Training Is Required to Become an Armed Security Guard?


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Training requirements for armed security guards include how to maintain control of a firearm during an altercation, how to defend oneself with or without a weapon and other topics such as related laws, patrol and observation, surveillance, first aid and communicating with the public. Specific requirements vary by state.

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Individuals who have served as police officers or were licensed as private detectives and military personnel may be exempt from firearms training requirements but must still comply with certain state-specific requirements. In addition to required training or experience, those states that license or certify armed security personnel may require a qualifying exam. Training often takes only a few weeks, far less than that typically required of a police officer.

Training resources include community colleges and universities. Most states provide training links through their Departments of Public Safety or Licensing. Extensive background checks on criminal history, emotional stability, and drug or alcohol use are routinely required by states prior to licensing or registration. Most states also require that armed security guards document a certain number of hours of continuing education each year and firearms refresher courses up to twice a year to maintain their registration or licensing.

The American Society for Industrial Security offers courses and certifications for experienced security personnel to enhance technical knowledge and management skills.

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