How Do You Train for the Army Reserves?


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According to Military OneSource, basic training for the Army Reserve consists of making changes to exercise, diet and etiquette. The site notes that the first 10 weeks of training are basic combat training, and after this the recruits are trained for their specific duties within the Army.

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How Do You Train for the Army Reserves?
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Military OneSource writes that Reservists start with a Reception Battalion that may also be referred to as Week Zero. During this time, recruits complete necessary paperwork, receive any immunizations needed and take a physical fitness test. If a recruit passes his physical fitness test, he moves on to Phase One. Otherwise, he is placed in a Fitness Training Battalion to better monitor exercise and diet. These recruits are given two chances per week to complete the physical fitness test.

Military OneSource notes that Phase One consists of many forms of training. This includes knowledge of Army principles, how to assemble and disassemble an M16 rifle, and how to fight in hand-to-hand combat and guerrilla scenarios.This scenario also includes heightened physical demands, exercises and tests. Phase Two includes weapons training, additional physical training, continued study of Army values and additional exercises in teamwork. Phase Three includes additional weapons training, additional physical training, opportunities to practice leadership, practice at disengaging bombs and training operations in urban terrain. The site notes that after a recruit has completed the 212 tasks of the End-of-Cycle Test and the Army Physical Fitness Test, he then completes a final week of field training, receives one day with family and then graduates into the Reserves.

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