How Do You Get a Traffic Ticket Extension?

The procedure for obtaining an extension on paying a traffic ticket varies by state and county, but applications for qualified tickets are typically made either online, in person or by mail. Many courts impose limits on the types of traffic tickets that are eligible for payment extensions.

Certain types of traffic tickets are frequently excluded from extension offers. For example, Shasta County, California, does not grant extensions for tickets that involve multiple offences or mandatory court appearances, according to the Shasta County Traffic Division. Overdue tickets are also ineligible. The court accepts extension applications for qualified tickets by phone and email. Offenders may also apply in person. Each approved ticket receives a 30-day one-time extension.

The traffic ticket extension regulations in Broward County, Florida, are similar to those in Shasta County. However, Broward County allows offenders to request multiple extensions, according to the Clerk of the Court.