How Do You Track Pennsylvania Election Returns?


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Track Pennsylvania election returns on the website of the Pennsylvania Department of State as of 2015. The site is free to use, and returns are posted as they are received on election night. The website also provides historical voting data and election results. Results are viewable by candidate, office, year, county or municipality.

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As of December 2014, there were 8,156,743 registered voters in Pennsylvania. These voters are spread out across 67 counties, each of which maintains its own election commission or office. County election offices are required to process election returns and submit results to the Pennsylvania Department of State, which subsequently posts results on its website. Many county election offices in the state also provide current and historical election data for the county on their own websites.

The Pennsylvania Department of State website also provides detailed campaign finance reporting data. The site allows the public to search and download state and municipal candidate and political committee finance filings and track independent political expenditures. Campaign finance information for Pennsylvania candidates running for federal office is on the website of the Federal Election Commission. Both the state and federal governments have strict rules on how campaign finance information may be used by the public.

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