How Do You Trace a Private Caller?

To trace the number of a private caller, contact your service provider with a legitimate reason for the trace. Depending on the reason you wish to trace a private caller, your phone service provides the technology to retrace a call from the blocked number.

  1. Contact your service provider

    Find the phone number or website for your service provider, find out how its system is set up to retrace blocked numbers. Most companies have built-in technology for this process.

  2. Make sure you have a just cause to find the number

    If the private caller is annoying or harassing you, let the company know so that they can possibly retrace it for you. However, there is no guarantee of obtaining the number. It may only be provided to law enforcement if you don't have a legitimate and pressing reason for receiving the number.

  3. Wait for a response from the phone company

    State your case, and wait for a favorable response from your service provider. Follow up regularly to ensure a thorough review of your case and a fair and just resolution to your issues.