How Do You Find Townhomes That Accept Section 8 Housing?


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Find townhouses that accept section 8 housing vouchers by searching the local housing market until you find a townhouse that suits your needs whose landlord agrees to participate in the section 8 program. Under the rules of the program, participants are free to find any housing that meets its requirements.

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The local Public Housing Authority informs you of the size of housing your family is eligible for. Once you find a suitable townhouse, arrange a lease agreement with the landlord, and then inform the Public Housing Authority. The Public Housing Authority then inspects the townhouse to ensure that its rent is reasonable and it meets health and safety standards. If you have new vouchers issued by the housing authority where you lived when you applied for assistance, you can search for housing anywhere in the United States. If you receive vouchers from another housing authority, you must live in that housing authority's jurisdiction for the first 12 months.

Although the public housing authority sets a payment standard, you can find a townhouse with rent below or above that amount. If the rent exceeds the standard, you are required to make up the difference. However, the cost of your portion of the rent cannot go over 40 percent of your adjusted monthly income as of 2015. If you need to move because your housing needs change, inform the public housing authority, fulfill the provisions of the previous lease, and look for new housing.

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