How Do You Find Your Towed Vehicle?


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To find a towed car, look at the red and white signs on the lot where the car was parked, notes Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The sign should indicate the name and contact information for the towing company contracted to serve that lot.

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How Do You Find Your Towed Vehicle?
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If the car was towed from an illegal parking zone with signage from the local government, call the city or county government to find the impound lot. If you believe that the car has been repossessed, contact your lender or the police department in the city from which the car was towed, reports Las Vegas Metro Police Department. The police should have the information regarding the tow and can pass the contact information along to you. The lender has that information as well.

Once you know the location of the car, make every effort to pick it up as soon as possible. Impound fees add up quickly, and in cases where a city has impounded the vehicle, it has the right to auction off the car if you don't retrieve it in a certain amount of time, notes the Dallas Morning News. Call ahead to learn the accepted payment methods at the lot, so that you can minimize the frustration when retrieving your vehicle.

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