What Are Some Tort Law Case Summaries?

Some examples of tort law case summaries include Riss v. City of New York, Bird v. Jones and Gulf Refining Co. v. Williams, published by CaseBriefSummary.com and Lawnix. Tort law involves civil cases stemming from a breach of obligation to an individual that results in damages, states CaseBriefSummary.com. Tort cases are different from breach of contract and criminal law cases.

The 1968 case of Riss v. City of New York illustrates the breach of obligation of tort law, indicates CaseBriefSummary.com. Linda Riss, the claimant, was terrorized by an ex-boyfriend and sought police protection unsuccessfully after she became engaged to another man. The ex-boyfriend hired a thug who threw lye in the plaintiff's face, causing her permanent scarring and a blind eye. The issue was whether the police department was liable for failing to protect a member of the public. The courts held that there was no tort duty to provide police protection to individuals except in cases of a special relationship.

The 1845 tort case of Bird v. Jones centers on false imprisonment, notes Lawnix. Bird, the plaintiff, wanted to enter a public road but was prevented by defendant Jones and other police officers because they reserved part of the road for spectators of a boat race. The police officers refused Bird access but didn't deny him the opportunity to return from where he came. Bird sued for false imprisonment, but the courts dismissed the claim.

In Gulf Oil Refining Co. v. Williams, from 2013, Williams, who worked for the oil company, was injured as a result of a defect in a gasoline container that caused a fire, states CaseBriefSummary.com. The question was whether the company was negligent. The courts affirmed it was, ruling in Williams' favor.