What Topics Are Discussed in a Divorce Chat?


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Topics that are often discussed during a divorce include property division, spousal support, child custody and support, and alternatives to court proceedings, according to DivorceNet.com. Outside of legal proceedings, divorce chat may cover topics as diverse as dealing with ex-spouses, helping children adjust to new living arrangements and coping with the complex emotions surrounding divorce, according to Womans Divorce.

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DivorceNet.com divides divorce information into topics covering the basic divorce logistical process, child custody, child support, division of property, military divorce and a miscellaneous category covering same-sex divorce, common law marriage, name changes and domestic violence.

FindLaw suggests topics that parties should discuss with attorneys, including visitation for grandparents, visitation for stepchildren, health and dental insurance, college expenses, residency, life insurance, religious affiliation for children, and taxation issues dealing with dependent children. Suggested topics relating to property include home equity, retirement accounts, business assets, additional real estate holdings, home assets and division of vehicles. Other discussions can include the difference between personal property and marital property.

Additional discussions regarding asset holdings may be relevant for couples with shared savings accounts, investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds and funds, hidden assets, and any debt held by either party. FindLaw also suggests discussing compensation if one spouse worked as a homemaker.

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