What Topics Has Benjamin Netanyahu Covered in Major Speeches?


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On March 3, 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech to a joint session of the United States Congress criticizing the impending nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran. Neyanhau categorized the deal as paving "Iran's path to the bomb" and urged Congress to reject the deal once formalized. Neyanhau's 2015 address was controversial among Congressional Democrats, many of whom boycotted the speech, because of a view that speaking against the deal in the U.S. was divisive and unnecessarily political.

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Netanyahu addressed the United Nations General Assembly in September of 2012, where he urged the world's leaders to stop Iran's enrichment of Uranium before the Iranians reach the point where the creation of a nuclear weapon is a possibility. Netanyahu, as part of his speech, famously utilized a diagram of a bomb with a red line drawn at 90 percent enrichment.

In June of 2004, Netanyahu gave a half-hour televised address at Bar-Ilan University where he, for the first time, endorsed the idea of a separate Palestinian state. Netanyahu promised a future in which the two peoples, Palestinians and Israelis, would live side-by-side, each with their own land and their own government. He conditioned this agreement to a Palestinian state on the Palestinians demilitarizing and recognizing Israel as a Jewish state with a right to existence.

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