What Are Some Topics That Have Been Addressed in International Women's Day Speeches?

Topics addressed in International Women's Day speeches include the battle for women's empowerment through voting rights and gender equality and the recognition of strides forward made through various conferences and agreements concerning the role of women in the world. For each year, Women's Day speeches contain celebrations of women's achievements and recognition of present issues and obstacles still facing women's movements in different parts of the world.

Since 1996, the United Nations has set a theme, around which the event's speeches and initiatives focus on each annual International Women's Day. In 2009, the day's theme centered around making efforts to unite both genders in the fight to stop violence against women and girls, and speeches followed this general theme.

Generally, speeches consist of reflections on efforts made and required in areas of women's continued development, including access to education, voting and labor rights, issues concerning women's health, gender inequality and domestic violence. Over the years of the event since its conception in 1909, issues have been focal to the time period, including women's battles for suffrage and against mistreatment in factories.

For International Women's Day 2015, fitting with the theme of "Empowering Women- Empowering Humanity," the United Nations secretary-general made a speech emphasizing that humanity's potential cannot be fulfilled until women's issues become a priority for all.