Who Are the Top Judges in Ohio?

Who Are the Top Judges in Ohio?

The top justices in Ohio are the Supreme Court justices. They include Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, Justice Paul E. Pfeifer, Justice Sharon L. Kennedy and Justice William M. O'Neil, as of August 2015.

Other Supreme Court Justices in Ohio include Justice Terrence O'Donnel, Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger and Justice Judith L. French.

Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor is the first woman to head Ohio's Supreme Court. She took office in 2011 and has implemented policies regarding court funding and the death penalty.

Paul Pfeifer has been on Ohio's Supreme Court since 1993. When he's not in court, Pfeifer lives on his farm where he raises black Angus cattle.

Justice Sharon L. Kennedy has been on the Supreme Court since 2012, and before that, she served at the Butler County Court of Common Pleas. She opened her own law firm in 1991 and is committed to the needs of young people.

On Ohio's Supreme Court since 2013, William M. O'Neil is the 156th justice to sit on the Supreme Court. He is a registered nurse and an ex-army officer and Vietnam veteran. He graduated from Ohio University and Cleveland Marshall College of Law and is a member of the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame.

Ohio's Supreme Court justices hear the appeals from the 12 district courts in Ohio. The court also hears cases regarding the rules for the government of Ohio and regulate many administrative agencies throughout the state.