What Are Some Tips for Writing a Last Will?


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Tips for writing a last will include listing all of the writer's assets on a separate piece of paper before he compiles the will to ensure that he includes all his property, as LegalZoom explains. Another tip is to make a similar listing of potential heirs.

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The purpose of a will is to divide a person's property among heirs, so it is important to compose the document carefully and thoroughly. The writer should list items that may have significant monetary or sentimental value, such as family photos, jewelry and heirlooms. The will should also indicate significant debts owed or payable to the writer, according to LegalZoom. If there is an organization that the writer would like to assist, the will should indicate it.

People writing their wills should match each piece of property and asset with heirs from their lists. They can name the same heir for more than one item, or they can name the same heir as the inheritor of everything. They should list a residuary beneficiary, who inherits items that aren't bequeathed directly. Also, a will should name a guardian for any minor children, as Nolo explains. Finally, it should name an executor, who ensures the proper distribution of the property.

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