What are some tips for locating a stolen car?


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To locate a stolen car, start by filing a police report and tracking the vehicle with technology such as a Lo-Jack if it is available in the vehicle, according to Allstate. Allstate also recommends considering whether the car was misplaced, borrowed by someone else or towed from where it was parked.

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Many people do not realize the car was towed or repossessed when it appears to be stolen, explains Allstate. This is why it helps to contact local towing companies before calling the police. If the car still appears to be stolen, call the police and file a report right away. Give the police officer as much information as possible to help locate the car. This includes a physical description, including any identifying features such as dents or faded areas of paint. Also include information about what was inside the vehicle when it was stolen.

If the vehicle has OnStar or Lo-Jack, you might be in luck because you may be able to track it down, notes Allstate. Call the company running this theft prevention device to help track it down. If you had GPS tracking on your vehicle, this is another option for locating the vehicle.

Try checking places where people tend to steal cars, which can also be a common dropping ground, states Dean Scoville for Police magazine. This includes various types of parking lots, such as airport parking lots or hotel parking lots, or even cul-de-sacs. The thief wants a place that does not have a lot of witnesses or transients who see him dropping off the stolen car. Look near the back of these parking areas to see if the car can be spotted.

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