What Are Some Tips for Hiring a Good Lawyer?

Asking for recommendations from family, friends and local community groups, using online services that connect experienced lawyers and clients, selecting attorneys with specialization expertise, and meeting up with lawyers who offer free initial consultations are good tips for hiring a good lawyer, according to Nolo. Experts recommend preparing questions and identifying key needs before interviewing a prospective lawyer and choosing a professional who makes the client feel comfortable and promptly responds to calls.

Talking to individuals with similar legal experiences helps people find out about trusted local lawyers, states Nolo. Clients who need lawyers specializing in harassment may contact women's groups, while those who want business lawyers may seek advice from bankers, accountants, insurance agents or real estate brokers. Some sites also let individuals contact different lawyers by providing information about their cases and their contact details.

Instead of hiring a general law practitioner, people should choose attorneys with particular specializations and excellent track records, Nolo suggests. A good attorney focuses on the needs of a client, makes the client feel at ease, communicates promptly and shows clear results after a certain period.

Other topics to discuss during an initial consultation include special credentials, paralegals and other individuals who may handle the case and the estimated time it may take to resolve the legal issue, notes Consumer Reports. Clients should also ask about estimated fees and billing details.