What Are Some Tips for Going Through Probate Court?


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Tips for going through probate court include filing the will with the court so that the appointed executor can be officially named by the court, Nolo explains. From there, the executor needs to file a list of property that was owned by the deceased and outline the debts that need to be paid.

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Probate is the process by which a person's assets are distributed after he passes away, Nolo advises. The process involves the filing of the will with the correct probate court and appearances by lawyers to work through the dissolution of assets and distribution of them to the named beneficiaries.

The appointed executor is in charge of finding, securing and managing all of the deceased's assets and paying the funeral expenses and all other debts. The executor must decide whether certain real estate and other securities need to be sold. The executor must also ensure all cash and assets are distributed as outlined in the will. The time frame is dependent on the assets owned by the deceased and if any family members come forward to contest the will. The executor must file proof with the probate court that all bills and debts are paid and the assets and money have been property distributed before the court closes the file, Nolo notes.

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