What Are Some Tips for Getting Divorced Quickly?

What Are Some Tips for Getting Divorced Quickly?

Some tips for getting divorced quickly include acting with maturity, and leaving the children out of it. Other tips include knowing the marital assets and their value and keeping family and friends from becoming involved in the divorce, according to attorney Gregory C. Dibsie.

Some couples use divorce as an avenue to get even with each other rather than ending the failed marriage. It is important for both parties to act in a mature manner even though they may feel vengeful, hurt and frustrated. Acting in a mature manner speeds up the divorce process, says Dibsie.

A divorce can be emotional, and couples should avoid using their children as weapons. Children need the love of both parents, and parents should not make them pick sides or act as referees. Parents should ensure that the divorce affects their children in the least way possible, and they can do that by coming up with a fair visitation and child support agreement, explains Dibsie.

Knowing the marital assets and their value can speed up the divorce. In some marriages, one spouse handles all financial issues, and that gives that person more knowledge of marital assets and their value. If both partners know the marital assets and their value, the divorce process becomes quicker, according to Disbie.

Family and friends may have the best intentions to protect a person's interests in a divorce; however, they do not have the legal expertise to offer guidance in the divorce proceeding. It is best to rely on them for moral support, notes Dibsie.