What Are Some Tips for Finding a Free Non-Compete Agreement Form?


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Interested parties can get free non-compete agreement forms at Rocket Lawyer.com, SME Toolkit.org and Biztree.com. Additional sites where users can get these forms include AllLaw.com and Lectlaw.com. However, users should always consult professionals before utilizing these or other legal documents as they may have to be modified to fit the laws of the jurisdiction where they are supposed to apply, advises Lectlaw.com.

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Non-compete contracts bind one party in the agreement from competing, for a period of time, with the other signatory to the covenant, explains Rocket Lawyer.com. Parties typically employ these instruments at the termination of employment or business relationships, although they may form part of the preconditions of a business relationship in some situations.

Key provisions of these agreements include the dates at which they come into force and details of the reasons that make these contract necessary, states Rocket Lawyer.com. Other provisions include names and addresses of parties to the contract; delineations of the geographical areas that these agreements cover; and the nature of compensation for the non-competing parties.

Additional provisions that parties can choose to include in these agreements are clauses forbidding the non-competing party from soliciting the other signatory's clients for a certain period of time; terms binding the non-competing party from disclosing certain information for a specified period; and stipulations forbidding the non-competing party from hiring the other party's employees, reports Rocket Lawyer.com.

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