What Are Some Tips for Finding Good Grief and Bereavement Counseling?


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When looking for grief or bereavement counseling, the most helpful thing to do is ask for recommendations from trusted sources, states iMortuary. It is important to find a counselor or group that shares your culture or beliefs, or who is at least supportive of your view. A counselor or facilitator should have realistic expectations of your time together, and have appropriate credentials to lead you to that point.

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There are generally two types of grief counseling available: group and individual, explains Grief Healing. When seeking bereavement counseling, recognize what each style entails and decide the best fit for you at the time. A grief support group is a place where otherwise healthy people come together to discuss their stories, receive validation of feelings and concerns, and work through the grief process among others who are going through the same process. Individual counseling allows you to grieve without interruption under the guidance of a trained professional who is familiar with the grief process. A bereavement counselor should demonstrate empathy for your situation, help you to progress forward, and reiterate that you are capable of moving through the transition successfully.

Recognize that no one is going to alleviate all of your pain or make you forget about your loss, advises iMortuary. Avoid a counselor who guarantees such impracticalities. Find someone who can help you gain the skills necessary to continue the work beyond your sessions together.

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