What Are Some Tips for Filling Out a Weekly Unemployment Claim Form?

One fundamental tip for filling out weekly unemployment claim forms is to be honest because many states have introduced policies requiring that claimants provide proof that they have applied for jobs, notes SnagAJob.com. This proof might include interview schedules and correspondence with potential employers. Another basic tip is to ensure that the unemployment agency is made immediately aware when employment is found, as continuing to accept unemployment benefits while employed is a federal crime.

Even when being entirely honest and following the mandated procedures, many claimants have trouble filling in their unemployment claim forms as required. One key problem is locating contact information for potential employers when these details are not listed on the job description.

In many states, providing contact details is a requirement as proof of contact with employers. To find contact details, search engines are one useful resource. Typing in the company name, city and "human resources" typically yields a contact name and email address or phone number. Another way to find contact details is to use an online phone directory such as Superpages.com or a professional networking website such as LinkedIn.com. Calling the employer's voicemail directory outside of business hours may also be useful for identifying department contacts and phone numbers.