What Are Some Tips to Filling Out a Parental Consent Form?


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When writing a parental consent form, it is necessary to explain the nature of the project, as well as the risks and benefits the project has for the child. When filling out a parental consent form, it is helpful for the form to be written in a sixth-grade reading level or lower, while still laying out the information in a precise and definitive manner, according to Rochester Institute of Technology.

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In a parental consent form, it is important to outline the risks and benefits to the child or to society alongside the rights of the child to accept or deny any of the project stipulations. It is necessary to have a statement that the project is voluntary and the child does not have to participate, as well as a statement showing there is no detrimental repercussions if the child quits the study. This must also state that the child's information is kept confidential at all times, states the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The form should be written in short, concise paragraphs and sentences. The form should also have clear and simple dialect as to not confuse the reader, which means also explaining technical information in a nontechnical way. Include the name, email and phone number of the human subject research manager or equivalent individual so the participants have someone to contact if further questions arise, explains the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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